Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Just your everyday clothes are fine, we provide you with shoe covers and hair-caps. We recommend wearing shorts and short sleeved T-shirts to expose more skin for those looking to treat skin conditions.

What should I expect to experience during my salt cave session?

During an adult session, expect to relax in one of our lounge chairs. This is a quiet space to chill out, where you may meditate, read, sleep, or simply sit and breathe in the salty air. Many choose to “unplug” by leaving phones outside or switched off, but you are allowed to use your phone as long as it’s silent.

During a children’s session, you may sit in the chairs or play in the salt. We have toys, but feel free to bring your own (as long as you don’t mind them getting salty).

What are the side effects?

Since dry salt therapy is 100% natural and drug free, there are no negative side effects. After sessions, you may experience a slight cough, minor tightness in the chest or runny nose, but this is simply the salt doing its work to remove mucus and toxins from the lungs and airways.

How often should I come?

  • For general conditions we recommend 3 sessions close together preferably within one week and proceed from there…
  • For overall health and immunity it is recommended to do 10 to 20 sessions (depending on age) for long term results. The sessions should be frequent – about two or three a week is suggested.

Is salt therapy safe for children?

Yes. Dry Salt therapy is a completely drug-free treatment for children and adults. Children as young as 3 months have benefited greatly and respond quickly and effectively to Halotherapy. Children are more prone to respiratory problems because they pick up more viruses and their lungs are not fully developed until about the age of 9.

Is salt therapy safe for pregnant women?

Yes. Dry Salt therapy is a great choice for women who do not want to rely heavily on over-the-counter or prescribed medication for sinusitis, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses. Pregnant women who have come to the Salt Cave have experienced relief for their congestion and chronic respiratory problems. In addition, the ionized salt particles help boost their immune system.

How long are the sessions?

Adult sessions are one hour long and children’s sessions under the age of 12 are 40 minutes long. Babies 6 months to 12 months are 15 minutes long.